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・。・ ~「 凍える夜に咲いた花 」~ ・。・

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R i K K i - C H a N
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! ~ ☆ ~ W e l c o m e t o m y P r o f i l e ~ ☆ ~ !


Nicknames:Rikki-chan, Rikki, Rebecca, becca, reb, Rebecca-tan(by carisma_sensei)

HiHi:D Somehow u have stumbled across my Lj,My name is RiKKi-CHaN,17 at the moment,
A girl who is in Love with No MiNWoo ex-drummer of the TraX and also in love with Music.
I love Japan,Korea and also Taiwan.I also enjoy watching Asian Dramas :D Some of my favourites are Devil Beside you, MARS and 1 litre of Tears

Admires:No MiNWoo, Karyu, MiYaVi, Toshi-sama, Fumiko Mizuta, Hiko and Waka (Danger*gang), Rainie Yang.

Lj Status:At the moment my Lj is friends Only :D so if you would like to be my friend please leave a comment on
entry ^___^ Thanks.
[♥]music, Jrock, Jpop, Krock, Kpop,cpop, crock,D'espairsray, winter, Rain, Strawberries, pancakes[with lemon and sugar*yum*],Rose/No MiNWoo, The TraX, Miyavi, Alice Nine, Laruku, Haido, Lolita 23ku, Cherry Filter, Merry, Pierrot,Ayumi Hamasaki,Olivia,Mike He, Devil Beside you, Tokio Hotel, Bill Kaulitz, Linkin Park, Black and white things, playstation, Final fantasy, Dramas, Huang YiDa.

[-]Spiders, racism, ignorance, sillyness,close-minded people, batteries dying on me when i need them T_T;; , hot weather, Tom from tokio HotelxD.
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My graphics LJ[currently on Haitus x_o]
My US cyworld
My Mp3 Rotation site
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